Take A Financial “Free” Day!

All this personal finance and money management stuff can be exhausting. Each person has a different relationship with money depending on their personality and upbringing. Some folks spend more than they should to help improve the way they feel about themselves. So, why not consider a “free” or “cheat” day where you allow yourself an unusual splurge. If you have a hard time keeping costs down, a day like this may help manage things as long as you don’t go too crazy!

Years ago I exercised and ate according to the Body For Life books, which I highly recommend. It’s a sound practical approach to getting in physical shape. Remember I am a traditional back to basics guy. The program offered a “free” day or “free” meal where you ate whatever food you wanted without guilt. It in fact served a biological and psychological purpose. You had spent the week working hard and eating clean, Here was a little chance to loosen up. I thought it was brilliant!

As long as a person doesn’t go do something stupid and buy a new car or put thousands on a credit card, give yourself a little financial splurge. Perhaps a new pair of shoes or a dinner out you would normally avoid because of the cost. This tactic might help someone stay on track over the long run.

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