Free Alert – Sea World Family Fun

Highly enjoyed Sea World recently. Free alert! If you or family/friends are veterans of the military, then you get in free and can add another 3 guests. This is an amazing value! If you end up spending money in the park, then keep in mind some of the money goes to enhancing and protecting the worlds oceans. I believe if we destroy our oceans then we are doomed. Our oceans provide food and a sustainable space ship Earth.

Educational & Entertaining

Sea World has its share of exciting roller coaster rides, but they also have an array of family learning opportunities as well. There are many chances to learn something new about sea life and our precious oceans. There is also a full spectrum of activities and shows that are very fun, including the Sesame Street parade!


Bring your own water because buying bottled water is expensive. Better yet, to save the oceans and your money, then fill up reusable metal containers with water.

I think Sea World has it all in a theme park. Excitement, education and value. Better yet, group up with your Veteran friends and gain free admission. Make sure to thank your Veteran friend for their service standing up for our country. There is still some summer left to enjoy!

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