Yoga and Money

It is clear that our health and wealth are connected. Managing our health not only makes us feel better, it can also result in being in a stronger financial position. One way we de stress and obtain some overall health benefits is through gentle yoga practice. I believe Yoga is one of many tools and strategies that could help you achieve financial strength. It is pretty well proven that we make better long term financial decisions when we are calm and healthy.

Manage stress

We all have some stress, but some short term stress can be beneficial or benign, long term stress can be harmful to us. Chronics stress certainly effects our ability to manage our finances and make healthy decisions in the moment. You do not need to connect with your “third eye” or say some silly chant to learn how to simply be present in the moment, get blood flowing and breath properly. We spend so much time running around and zoning out on digital devices that we forget to simply be and breathe. This is especially important because we need to be more present with each other. And a regular yoga practice may force someone to slow down, evaluate the trajectory of their life, make better decisions, etc.  All elements tied in some way to one’s personal finances. When people are stressed, tired or just plain worn out, they will make bad choices in terms of personal finances. Our attention span is weaker and our attitude can be low when dealing with life’s normal every day challenges. We may be more susceptible to “retail therapy”, which eventually makes a person more sad. Therefore, no matter how “silly” something may seem, you ought to at least consider it if it is known to improve people’s health and well-being. And, you could learn some basic moves through a free DVD or book from your library. Here are a few ways that a regular yoga practice can benefit your bottom line:
  1. Could lead to lower healthcare costs. People are routinely ruined financially in the US due to an unforeseen disease or condition. Anything that reduces that risk, like exercise and yoga, seems like a smart idea.
  2. Could lower stress levels, resulting in less impulse spending.
  3. Something to do that is basically free. You can do it almost anywhere and it is an activity that will not cost you much.  When I spend time doing a session, I am reminded that I am not spending much and truly enjoying the exercise.
  4. Could inspire a new business idea or creative endeavor. Sometimes slowing down and actually listening to yourself could lead to some inspiration.
  5. Could make you feel more calm at work leading to better productivity. The more rested and calm you can be at work probably the better for your ability to produce and be a value added employee.  Could lead to a focus needed to achieve that next pay raise or step up the ladder if so desired.
  6. Gratitude or true wealth awareness tool.  You may be more aware of the actual abundance in your life and focus on what you have vice what you do not have.
  7. Slows down comparison syndrome. It’s an exercise that can be done at one’s own pace.  Therefore we can remember that our journey is unique to us and there is no need to compare, whether it be financially, materially or otherwise.
Some people enjoy yoga so much they make it a job. It is a multi million dollar business leading yoga classes and selling yoga gear, so there is even another angle to this practice that may influence someone’s personal financial situation. No matter where one wants to take it, yoga can have some amazing effects on one’s life and quest to achieve true wealth.
PS:  Before starting a practice like this, see your healthcare professional.  These are just ideas that have worked for us and may not be suitable for all people.

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