5 Ways To Get Organized To Get Rich

Do you feel like a disorganized mess sometimes? I think many of us do these days with the ever increasing pace of work and life! There is something to be said about things being a bit messy to foster a little bit of creativity. But, most wealthy people I have known have been very organized in the way they manage their stuff, their paperwork, their files, their tools and ultimately their time. Being organized is a skillset one can develop in order to increase their wealth making capabilities. I have literally seen messy disorganized people throw away perfectly good gift cards. I have witnessed sloppy disorganized people lose track of their bills, their careers and health. This is like throwing away money, just because they are messy. I am not advocating being OCD about everything, like everything around us must be perfect. As I said before, there is a time and a place for a little mess while working on something. But, messes and disorganization in too many areas of life can lead to inefficiency and ultimately lost resources and time. Here are some pointers and philosophies on being organized and its connection to building wealth: 1. The way we “treat” stuff I understand stuff is only stuff. But the way we manage and treat our physical items can reflect our respect for precious resources. The way we manage our bodies and health falls into this same category. If we mess up our stuff then it does not last as long and then we are constantly replacing items earlier than we should, which obviously leads to wasting money. If our stuff is dis-organized we can sometimes not find it and may make a knee jerk reaction and go buy the item again. This can be common when tools are disorganized. The point here is that keep what you own clean, in good repair and organized. It will last longer and have more value and utility to you, which could ultimately save you a lot of money. http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/07/24/gear-for-a-vikings-lifetime/ 2. Important Documents Develop a filing system for important documents. Keep good records of receipts that could be used for tax write offs. I wonder how many billions Americans leave on the table at tax time because they forgot about the expense. This is especially true with rental properties. Your improvements to those properties have certain tax advantages. Keep other important personal documents in order and in a secure fire proof cabinet. Keep your living trust and will in a secure location organized with other important financial documents. I have met folks who had not looked at their 401k statements from old jobs in over a decade. I am not saying a person needs to look at these all the time, but have a sense of where all these documents are. 3. Gift Cards Keep something important in mind, Companies love gift cards because many people lose them. Think about the millions if not billions of dollars take in from gift cards without ever having to deliver a product. All they had to do was sell the buyer of the gift card a 5 cent piece of plastic with their logo on it. Keep these in a safe place and USE THEM. If you do not want to use them then go onto the Raise App and trade them in. http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/02/11/raise-app/ 4. Keep organized and clean to lower stress We are 100% effected by our environment. It can dictate how we feel on so many levels. Many people I have known that are tired, stressed, in horrible shape also live in messy spaces and stressful places. I know I am generalizing here, but this is what I have observed. Just be mindful of your home environment. Are there plants and greenery? Is it organized and well laid out? Does the arrangement of the furniture make sense and look appealing? Are work areas well designed for maximum productivity? Is it as safe as possible? Many people are injured in their own homes! 5. Electronic life organization We increasingly have very robust “online” and electronic lives. Years of social media information/posts, years of photos and files, email accounts, old devices and laptops etc. etc. are just piling up everywhere. This is an area I need to work on. Is it time to re organize or shut down some social media accounts? Is it time to take some information or photos down? Have you purchased a good backup hard drive to backup family photos that will be very precious to you someday? Have you utilized the cloud? This is not about being perfectly organized all the time, that is most likely impossible given the nature of life. But what disorganized habits are holding you back from your potential? Maybe it’s a matter of simply starting to use lists and having a central system for managing bills. Whatever it is, find the system of organization that maximizes your potential, efficiency and ultimately your wealth building capabilities. Or maybe it works for you to be a hot mess, hey, be you!

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