Free Stuff Example: Free Razors

  This post is an example of being on the lookout for free offers and rebates. Over the years finding these opportunities can save a person thousands of dollars. Those are dollars that can be invested and put to work for you and your family. Some people make fun games out of finding and capturing these deals. I know, I know, many Money Vikings do not shave their beards!  Not shaving saves money, time and is part of the look.  BUT, if you must, you might as well get a free razor.  Check out  Buy the BIC razor, you print out a form, attach the UPC label from the box, mail in, and they mail you a rebate.  You pay postage and get $10 worth of razors for free.  Obviously this is marketing and once they get you hooked on the razor, hopefully for them you buy more blades.  But, hey, a free razor and blades is awesome anyway. Most truly wealthy people I have known seem to always take advantage of opportunities like these.  I think this is about more than a little freebie.  It’s about a mindset regarding using resources wisely.  In fact I have noticed that multi millionaires really like things like this.  In a nutshell this is the premise of the research in the book The Millionaire Next Door.  So, be like a true millionaire and look out for free offers.  When we learn about them, we will post the info here.

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