One of our heroes here at The Money Vikings is good old Ben Franklin.  First of all he was a great American and founding father.  But secondly, he was a personal finance bad ass!  We will go in depth into his many amazing habits over time, but wanted to focus in on one of his “Virtues.”  He sought to live his life by 13 virtues.  He kept a chart to record which virtues he was actually living by on a weekly basis.  We are not Ben Franklin, but we hope that this site can be a kind of continual source of inspiration to live in a way that maximizes your wealth building potential and leads to a rich life.  Not just rich in terms of money, because it is ultimately not about money, it is about life.  It is about being their for your family, children and friends.  Maximizing your ability to live your dreams and make a contribution.  Or simply to live life on your own terms.  In order to achieve such a life you will have to harness the power of one of Ben’s virtues, frugality.

One of Ben’s virtues was frugality, he said:

Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself, i.e., waste nothing.

Notice he did not say to never spend or use money.  Use it, but ensure it is doing good to others or yourself.  You see, we are at times taught that money is evil, then we either dispense of it as quickly as possible or hoard it in some sick way.  Money is not evil or good, it is a tool, energy and expresses priorities.  You would never waste a tool or energy if you could help it.  So reframe your paradigm and think of money in a new way if you have not already done so.  You may very well see a lot more “Ben” in your life!

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