Healthy Gut for Overall Health & Wealth

8 ways to improve gut health for overall health and wealth building capability

At The Money Vikings we take a holistic approach to wealth. This is beyond simply the financial aspects of how much money a person has, it is a combination of factors we call “True Wealth.” A key aspect of wealth in our opinion is our physical, mental and emotional health. Without these elements of life managed, it can be hard to enjoy that hard earned and invested money.

An increasing body of evidence is emphasizing the importance of the health of our gut bacteria biome. Basically a healthy person has a vast forest of billions and trillions of bacteria in their guts that regulate all manner of our health. Apparently this is starting to be talked about as an organ in itself that would weigh more than our brains.

Healthy gut bacteria biome helps control blood pressure, helps digest food, protects from harmful pathogens, can prevent hypertension, helps lower the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol can lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The gut is basically constantly communicating with the central nervous system to keep your overall body in balance.

You get the idea, these good bacteria are crucial to a healthy existence. Here are some key ways to ensure your gut flora is as healthy as possible and will lead to more True Wealth in life:

1. Eat fermented foods

Unsweetened yogurt, kefir, raw milk cheeses, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.

2. Avoid snacking

Try to increase the intervals between meals to give your gut bacteria forest a rest.

3. Drink a bit of alcohol

In small quantities, alcohol increases gut diversity. But beware, large amounts are harmful to the microbiome forest. Alcohol in general should only be used in moderation, this saves money and your health. See your medical professional for advice on alcohol consumption.

4. Spend more time in a rural setting

People that live in rural areas tend to have healthier microbiome forest compared to people that live in cities.

5. Do not be OCD about hygiene or overdo the antibiotics

Do not over do it with hand sanitizers and hygiene, this has been shown to destroy good bacteria. There is also a societal problem with over using antibiotics. Antibiotics over use in our food supply and among humans is destroying our good bacteria, which ironically is leading to a depletion in health. Over use of antibiotics is associated with obesity and allergies.

Don’t abuse antibiotics 

6. Love your dog

Studies have shown that people that have dogs have more microbial diversity.

7. Eat high fiber fruits & vegetables

Artichokes, onions, garlic, etc.

8. Choose food/drink with polyphenols

Polyphenols are the fuel of the healthy microbes. Examples are nuts, seeds, olive oil, coffee, tea, berries, etc.

We take a holistic approach to living a great, productive and creative life. So incorporate some of these ideas, most are simple choices.

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