New Baby? Stuff You Do Not Need

Guest Post from Mrs. Money Viking

Proud, worried, excited, and nervous—are all words I would use to describe how I felt before the birth of my first child. I read tons of books on birth, babies and even how to introduce baby to the family dog. I wanted to be prepared so that I could be the perfect mom and parent.

Companies know this story all too well—the first time parent, tired and totally new to their 24/7 job as caretaker, teacher and protector. The baby market is saturated with gizmos and gadgets that claim to make your baby smarter, happier, healthier, and the big one—sleep.

I am here to tell you, you don’t really need all this baby stuff. So, put that money back in your pocket, Jr. won’t remember that fancy bouncer, but he will remember when you help him get through college. Below is my list of 10 things that I never used when my daughter was a baby, and chances are you might not really need them either.

1. Baby powder—This product is a throwback to when babies wore clothes diapers that closed with safety pins (scarey). Research now suggests that this product can be harmful if breathed in because the particles are so tiny.

2. Crib bumper—safety risk.  suffocation threat

3. Infant shoes—They are not walking and bare feet and socks make them happiest

4. Baby food maker—just use a regular food processor will work just as will if not better

5. Changing Table—I used the pad, but put her on the floor or bed most of the time. 

6. Baby Towels—regular towels work just as well.

7. Baby Oil—I have no idea what this is used for baby oil is made from mineral oil.  Coconut or olive oil are much better for our bodies.

8. Wipes Warmer—I would hold the wipe  in my hand to warm it up.

9. Pacifier Wipes—would take it home and wash it if it fell on the floor and always carry a back-up.

10. Fancy Baby Haircuts—For little trims, most people are able to snip, snip here and there and do just as good a job

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