The Trouble With Money

I love well written and illustrated children’s books.  In fact, I have published a children’s book and work as a part time illustrator and painter: Crab & Will, A Tale of Shakespeare’s Dog.

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That said, this blog is about building wealth.  Many children’s books contain gems of wisdom about everything life has to offer, including how to wisely manage resources.  Think of the goose and the golden egg as a classic.  Never chop down a golden egg producing goose and be greedy, that goose (or stock, rental property, etc.) can continue to lay a golden egg each month.

We read a lot of kid’s books in our house and we enjoy the time reading to our child.  One of our favorite free and awesome ways to spend time, reading books from your library!  Here is a book that can directly benefit your wealth building potential: The Berenstain Bear’s, The Trouble With Money.

The book begins by basically illustrating how blessed brother and sister bear are with no knowledge of money.  They find pleasure in picking wildflowers, berries, watching sunrises/sunsets, eating honey and watching a rainbow.  Notice these are all free things that amount to “True Wealth.”  That is a big theme of ours at the Money Vikings, the simple pleasures of life do not cost a lot and if truly enjoyed lead to true wealth.

Mama and Papa Bear decide to provide brother and sister with an allowance, so they can “learn to use money sensibly – to save, to plan ahead.”  LOL!  And how many of us are naturally good at that, not many.  The cubs blow all their allowance on video games (aka making someone else rich and flushing your own money down the drain).  Papa bear is very upset that the cubs were so wasteful.  He tells mama bear “They must earn their money!  That’s what life is all about-working, earning, saving for a rainy day!”

The cubs decide to try and make papa proud by going out and earning money, and they did quite a good job of it.  They sell flowers, berries, tours to see the rainbow, they basically monetize all the free things they enjoyed before.  The problem is they become too obsessed with making money.  Papa says “some things are more important than money.”  So mama and papa suggested putting some of it in the bank as a “nest egg” to earn interest.  They all go to the bank together.  And they end the story with playing a few video games, to illustrate that they introduced a bit more balance in their lives.  Usually balance in all things leads to better long term results, with money and life.  Just remember on your path to building wealth to savior all the things around us, like picking flowers, berries and watching rainbows.

Sometimes wisdom comes from the most unexpected sources, like children or a kid’s book.  In summary:

  • Value the free simple things in life that bring true wealth

  • Work hard, make money, save money

  • Don’t be obsessed with money, find balance

  • And the classic, love your family, find harmony, learn and explore

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