5 Benefits of Treating Your Health As An Investment

If you manage to stay healthy for most of your life, the impact on your finances and wealth could be astronomical. The opposite is also true, if we are sick with disease, we will probably be poor in more ways than one.

Taking care of ourselves should be pleasurable and a valuable investment in our family and life experience. I have heard it said that your body and mind are the most valuable equipment one will ever lease. I don’t understand the way the media and society make out the concept of slogging through another workout or how it sucks to eat healthy food. There are so many fun things to do that involve moving your body, so find the stuff that is right for you, gets the heart rate up a bit and moves those muscles. Even small actions add up to big impacts over time, just like investing!

So how can we change the paradigm on health and well being? Look around, we have a problem. And it is not simply a problem involving feeling good or about the way we look based in vanity. The problem is deeply tied to our individual and collective financial fates as a nation. If we spend all our “gold” on expensive “sick care” after a major problem has developed, we will deplete precious resources quickly and costs/taxes go up for all of us.

Our collective health problems cost us individually and as a society Billions each year. Those are billions that are not spent on infrastructure, education, food and drug safety, social security, etc.

Here are some benefits of treating your healthy habits like an investment that will pay dividends your entire life:

1. Lower healthcare and pharmaceutical costs

What is the return on investment (ROI) on healthy lifestyle habits? Given that many people go bankrupt with a health problem, the ROI is huge. In fact everything you can do to avoid being in the hospital, taking medications, being sick is money in your pocket. That is more time spent thinking about productive things. Healthcare spending in the US has hit almost 20% of our GDP, highest among all industrialized nations! This is because as the CEO of CIGNA says, “we have a sick care system, not a health care system” In other words we put less money into prevention and more on the backend when things get complicated and expensive. If we were more strategic we would put more emphasis on preventing disease vs dealing with it and managing it when it is almost too late.

2. Increased sense of well being for “True Wealth”

Being more calm, present and energetic may allow a person greater opportunities to make money. To make money initially we must work and trade our time, skills and energy for money. It is hard to do this when sick, lethargic and low energy.

3. Increased brain capacity and function for productivity

In addition to the point above, our brain is one of our greatest money making and investing tools. Treat it as the precious thing it is to us. We need our brain for analytical skills, decision making, physical function, etc.

Brain Health is Wealth

4. Healthier relationships, Divorce and lack of networks is costly

Healthy relationships are key to building wealth. We should strive to be coordinated with our spouse and kids to build optimal wealth.

5. More energy for production & side hustles

Eating right, sleeping enough and exercising all contribute to our energy levels. In a way Money is energy. So the more healthy energy you have the greater your ability to build wealth. The first step for most of us is securing a decent paying job or building a small business. Both endeavors take a ton of time and energy to launch! Ensure proper nutrition, exercise and rest to be at your peak money-making potential.

Take back your life from those that seek to diminish your health. The world will take and take until you have nothing left unless you create boundaries and make good decisions. It’s never perfect, but if one area is lacking try to make up in another. Let’s say work is stressful and you are not getting enough sleep. Mitigate this with extra water, healthy fruits and vegetables and a short walk. These small actions will combine to improve the waist line and the bottom line.

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