Fountain of Youth



          Fresh and healthy avocado fruit


Wealth is about a lot more than money.  Money is just the fuel and a form of energy we can use to live life.  True wealth is a combination of gratitude, experiences, creativity, inner peace and health.  On the topic of health, scientists have recently identified the anti-aging properties in certain produce.

There is a compound found in broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage, edamame and avocado that is highly beneficial.  When fed to lab mice, they showed “better skeletal muscle, liver and eye function, insulin sensitivity, immune function, appropriate body weight and physical activity levels” according to the Science Daily.

One of the researchers said “We have shown a way to slow the physiologic decline that we see in aging mice…Since human cells rely on this same energy production process, we are hopeful this will translate into a method to help people remain healthier as they age.”

If you do not think this has anything to do with money, think about the huge costs of being sick.  Lost production and health care costs have hurt many people over the years.  Plus, is there anything better than fresh guacamole?

Here are some other small steps I am trying to implement in order to ensure I am as healthy as possible and can maximize wealth building potential:

  1. Taking the stairs or walking as much as possible.  Even a short stroll at night around the block after a long day counts.

  2. Even if I do not eat the healthiest foods, try to make the portions reasonable.

  3. Spend some time on some small stress relief actions.  A short yoga stretching, a 5 minute meditation, some good cleansing breaths, a few minutes with some you enjoy.

  4. Trying to do something to get the heart rate up for healthy activity.  Even playing around with my kids can count!

Like investing, these small steps and actions can build up over time.  Perhaps the clearer thinking and feeling better will lead to more wealth building habits and activities.  Please do not consider this medical advice for any particular person, please see your healthcare professional prior to starting an exercise or diet routine.

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