Hot Tub Time Machine

  No “Valentine’s Day” hot tub party at our house! On the long and difficult journey to conquer financial freedom, one will have to make decisions and carry them out. We decided to destroy our hot tub. Okay, so we did not exactly “destroy it”, I am exaggerating to sound like a tough Viking. But, we did drain it and stopped the expensive service to have it cleaned and maintained every month. When we first moved into our house we used it several times. But over time it just sat empty and constantly cost money in terms of time, energy and maintenance fees. In general I would advise against owning a pool or hot tub. Use a municipal pool for a fraction of the cost. If someone is spending $70/month on a spa/pool service, that is $840/year.  And they may be on the low end. Plow that money into your Viking freedom fund and in 15 years with compound interest you could have almost $30,000! This is just another small example of analyzing the various expenses in your life and asking yourself if you are really using something. Are you really deriving value from what you spend your money on? What odd subscriptions or services do you have draining you each month that may not be helping you build wealth?

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