Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?  I have fond memories of checking them out at the school library?  I loved seeing what the various options lead too.  I always thought they were so awesome.  Do you run, fight, hide, take path a or b?  All lead to a different outcome for the hero or heroine.  Not only are those books starting to be worth something (just like we outlined in an earlier post about collectibles and nostalgia), they are also a great metaphor for personal finance decisions. When you think about your life, think about it in terms of choosing your own adventure.  You can make certain decisions that lead to a different outcome.  But just remember it is never too late to make a different decision if you have tried a particular path. No matter what paths you take in terms of career, relationships, family etc.; always try to do the following:
  1.  Live within your means.  This ensures you are not trapped in case you want to “choose another path.”
  2. Save and invest for tmrw automatically.  Time will go by no matter what you do or if you do nothing.  It would be better to arrive in the future (via your time machine called life) with some assets in the bank.  It could make those future options more broad.
  3. Choose YOUR own adventure.  Follow the path that feels right to you.  If you spend your life trying to keep up with other lifestyles and following the herd, you will probably miss out on some stuff unique to you.  No two people have the same ADVENTURE, that is the scary and cool thing about life I guess.
By the way, you may want to see if those old CYOA books are somewhere in the attic, you would be amazed at what some of them sell for on e-bay!  

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