Deal of the Day – Cell Phone Plans

I recently wrote about cell phone plans, and how one can limit the amount of data they pay for to lower their monthly bill. When I wrote that I was on a contract and was paying more than I should have been, even with 2GB of data. Recently I’ve been using Simple Mobile and have been very happy with their service. If you have a spare phone that works on an AT&T or T-Mobile network, and you get good T-Mobile coverage in your area, this may be a good deal for you. They are a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). This means they buy bandwidth from T-Mobile’s network and re-sell it for cheaper than the carrier does. It’s month-to-month, so no long-term-contracts to mess with. You can pick up one of their SIM kits at Target usually in the electronics section for 1 dollar, and slap it into your phone. This is known as a BYOP “Bring Your Own Phone Plan”. Currently they’re having a special for 25$ where you get 3 GB of data and unlimited voice and text. If you use auto-pay, after 1 month you can get this for 20$ month. So you have no excuse for not calling your mother! They have other plans that are a bit pricier, but give you more data. Right now I’m on their unlimited for $50 dollar/month plan and am using it a lot by streaming music (with headphones) at work as well as streaming Hulu Live TV to listen to Mad Money with Jim Cramer after the market closes on the commute home. If you really want to get fancy, search for these cards at a discount on Amazon or eBay. I recently bought a couple 40$ cards (which is their 6GB/month plan) for 30$. This is crazy! If you have an amazon prime rewards card you also get 5% back at amazon (to buy more in the future, or whatever item you need from amazon that you were going to buy anyhow). At my home Wi-Fi calling works great too. This means that I automatically use my home’s Wi-Fi connection for regular phone calls. This removes the concern of dead spots or missed calls if you have less than a couple bars, or live in a basement.

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