George’s Birthday – What is Money?

Happy Birthday George Washington! He was born February 22nd in 1732. Wow, the country sure has changed alot since then.  For one, there was no such thing as the United States of America. The British colonies in North America were home to about 655,00 people.  There are more people in my immediate neighborhood at the moment! Not to mention there was a whole culture of native people and tribes that had a completely different system of exchange and ownership. He is on every dollar bill you have ever touched or will ever touch, which brings us to the question, what is money? It is important to think about as you build wealth, because you are not building wealth to look at a bunch of numbers on a screen which count your Washington’s. Your also not doing it to have a bunch of greenish pieces of paper sitting all over your house. A person is building wealth to provide themselves and their families the goods needed for life. To live some of the things we can dream about. To obtain a symbolic sense of security, which seems very important to most of us human animals. The technical definition of money is: Store of Value, which means people can save it and use it later. Unit of Account, which means it provides a common basis and understanding of prices. Medium of Exchange, something people can use to buy and sell from each other. How do we obtain more Washington’s? Provide a product or service to another human or organization of humans. Take the existing Washington’s and invest them in some kind of business or asset that is providing value to other people. What is Money really? Imagine you are an alien like Superman. You land on earth and witness people exchanging small pieces of green grey paper. Wouldn’t that seem strange? I believe money represents energy, value, and intention. So, I challenge you to explore what money represents to you on this Washington’s Birthday. Happy Birthday George and keep collecting him one by one Money Vikings! It is a lot easier than collecting cows, beads, shells or rocks.  Or is it? 😉  
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