Too Many Toys – Part II (LOL! You’re Broke!)

As most modern parents, we continue the battle against TOO MANY TOYS! It’s hard, I get it. I like toys, I like good design, I like cartoon like things, I like having fun. I do not like the prospect of going broke by over paying for some cheap piece of plastic! We have to get this toy thing under control. I’m not against toys, but we have a few rules in place so that the situation is good for us and our kids: 1. Make a connection between working and obtaining toys. As far as I know not much is free in life. One may want their kids to understand this concept in some way. 2. Too much of anything decreases it’s value. Ever notice how when something is abundant people tend to waste it and take it for granted. Then when it begins to run out everyone freaks. If there are too many toys, the kids will not value them, they are just everywhere and no use taking care of something. 3. Kids pay. Have the kids earn some money with chores. Then at the store you can talk about prices of things and value. Are we getting good value or being ripped off? Speaking of value, is value in the eye of the beholder? Has anyone heard of these LOL Surprise dolls? Who hasn’t right? They are all the rage on Youtube. People are making thousands of dollars posting videos of their kids excitedly unwrapping these things. Apparently it is more about the experience of “unboxing” than the actual toy. The toy has 7 layers of wrapping to discover (a single tear for the planet earth). The toy is probably about $1 worth of material and manufacturing and some of these retail for $7, $15, $25 or $50! Wow! A display case of 36 went for $1,000! I had toys as a little Viking, but I also enjoyed a lot of time outside just romping around. One should find the right balance for their family. And I will admit it, those dolls are kinda cute!
This is in no way advice about how to raise your kids. Do whatever you want, this is my opinion. This is also not a post against any particular toy, toys are fun!

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