Logos & Cave Paintings

Making things in the world is very pleasurable and a very human thing to do. In fact, 40,000 years ago humans were drawing on cave walls. Communicating, creating, thinking and distinguishing themselves from other animals. Maybe those cave paintings were the first personal finance blog or record of accounting how man bison existed. The other animals don’t seem to understand and use symbols. It’s what is allowing us to communicate right now. We are having fun working on our logo and visuals for our personal finance site. This made me think that everyone could find the things they want to create and make them. This is a wealth building activity, making something new or modifying something that already exists. Changing and sculpting symbols into something another person might find pleasurable or interesting. Or they may hate it, but you still might have passed on a small gift. So find your interest and make it, whether it be model planes, beer, art, music, food, parties, cards, woodworking, metalworking, crochet, poetry, writing…

Endless possibilites to create and imagine that are most likely low cost and very valuable in creating true wealth. It will take time to acquire the skills to make something good or great, but probably well worth the journey and struggle. Perhaps those initial cave paintings were a powerful step in creating wealthier, more secure and fruitful lives for people.

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