Build a Robot “Wealth Building” Army!

You are the Captain of your ship and the General of your army. But you need troops to assist and carry out the mission: To build massive wealth! You will want to build an army of robots, like in West World, to do the heavy lifting. Remember we are just imperfect humans!

The future is coming fast. Artificial intelligence and technology is advancing at both exciting and frightening rates. Hundreds of thousands of people in Silicon Valley and around the world are working every day to disrupt and make more efficient every industry you can think of. We will need to hop on board and harness technology to build wealth. Every value added habit that we can automate to build wealth frees our minds to do other creative work. In the old days one had to be very disciplined to build wealth, save money and invest. Now with a few clicks of a button and typing in some set up information, one is on a path to building wealth over time.

The point here is to automate your way to wealth as much as possible. New technologies are making it easier and less costly than ever. Exposure to investment vehicles were once restricted to a wealthy few. The system has become much more open and democratic. Here are some ideas:

1. The first step is usually the company 401k. Max out and get the match every two weeks. This is probably the most important robot to deploy.

2. Find other systems to automate. Have a chunk of change pulled out automatically and placed in Vanguard, Robinhood, Stash.

3. Acorns. These systems allow you to automatically invest your spare change. This could be used later for college or a new car.

4. Automatic Bill Pay. There are so many options that take the hassle out of recurring bills.

5. Budget software. I could use some help in this area, but understand there are amazing resources available that make budgeting much easier to track and organize.

6. DRIP Plan. I love these Dividend Reinvestment Plans. The dividends automatically buy more shares each time they are distributed.

The main idea here is to build your own personal automated robot wealth building army. You can live your life and let the wealth accumulate!

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