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Who are these Money Vikings?  We are well down the path of developing our personal finance blog and I wanted to provide a little more background on my life story.  My name is Greg, the bald Money Viking.  I am very jealous of Jerry’s nice full head of hair, but I save money on haircuts.  🙂 I am married to Mrs. Money Viking 1 (a graphic designer and awesome mom!) and we have a young child. Jerry and I initially met through our wives who were friends first.  We have both always been interested in investing and learning as many personal finance hacks as we can.  Long story short, we are good friends and decided to share our financial hacks with the world in the hope of learning even more. We started The Money Vikings site for a few reasons: a. Motivation for us and others to achieve/practice “True Wealth” and to build a solid net worth.  Money is the fuel, but true wealth is a combination of many things. b. To be part of making personal finance fun and entertaining.  There are plenty of ideas out there about beating ourselves up over this indulgence and this and that “mistake.”  But there are no mistakes if we are learning and growing.  This is life, we believe we can do better from this point on.  All we have is now, so let’s take action. c. To learn from a broad community of people interested in improving their personal finance situation.  The internet allows us to connect in ways never imagined by our ancestors and share new ideas and motivation. I am not a professional writer.  In fact, when I was in kindergarten I was diagnosed with a form of dyslexia and had a heck of a time even learning to read and write.  I distinctly remember the embarrassment of having a book in school that had maybe 3 words to a page whereas my classmates had a couple paragraphs.  Kids notice these things.  I once came home and my homework page was all written backwards, like a Da Vinci code that could only be deciphered in a mirror.  My wonderful parents knew something wasn’t right and I was extremely lucky to get the help I needed. Since I was failing at school, the one thing I did have and could do was draw.  I could draw and I had an imagination.  Again, fortunately I was encouraged to keep drawing and creating.  On our blog, you will see many illustrations and cartoons that I enjoy making to this day. I come from a solid middle class background and family in California.  I bring up the whole dyslexia thing, because in hindsight it taught me a couple things about life:  I better work hard and apply myself.  I would need to be organized,  I was not going to be able to learn without being organized.  And finally the experience encouraged me to keep making pictures and to be creative.  One last thing, you will have to ignore the naysayers.  Helpful criticism should be encouraged, but negativity about trying new things because of what others might think is to be shunned.  In hindsight these are many of the skills one will need to develop in order to build wealth or as I like to call it, live a life of “True Wealth,” which is about a lot more than money and actually not that expensive to live! We hope you continue to enjoy this site as we evolve and develop.  We are continually gathering straightforward ideas to help one achieve “True Wealth” and hopefully doing it in a way that is entertaining and motivational.  Thank you to the thousands of readers that have already enjoyed the articles.  Let’s “conquer financial freedom!” together! Money Viking Greg

I had hair under that cap!

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