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Some people are raised to think that a nice life and True Wealth and contentment are for other people. We reject that concept here at The Money Vikings. If you are reading this, then there is a good chance you have an opportunity to create the financial life you want or need to live out your best life possible. It’s not always easy and there may be fits and starts. No matter what someone told you, whether it be subliminally or through weak actions; building True Wealth and a good life for you and your family is something we can strive for and achieve. This is for you. In fact our founding fathers declared we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” So time to discard any old ideas or notions that a wealthy and fulfilling life is not for us, it is if we work for it and apply certain principles! One thing we have noticed since launching our site is that reading the inspirational stories of others is great motivation. A person kind of realizes that every person has their unique blend of opportunities and challenges. No matter the glossy exterior, you do not know what someone else is dealing with. Read the information and stories to inspire yourself to conquer your financial freedom. This is for you no matter how dire your situation may seem. Just 9 years ago I had barely any assets to my name and $20k in debt. So I was starting at -$20k. That did not feel good. I was coming off a divorce and things seemed pretty bleak. I had a mind, a job and determination and I told myself to make the best of what I got now. I also want to add, although I had a good solid middle class job, I did not make some huge salary or get big bonuses. My life transformed completely 9 years later, which really is not a lot of time. I attribute this to many of the things Jerry and I are writing about. Sure, there is some luck too. We only control so much. We do control getting out each day and giving life our best shot. I felt that if I did that, then no matter how things turned out, I could spiritually be content because I gave it my best shot. So, without this sounding like psycho babble, here a few concrete things a person can do to make their life as good as possible:
  1. Cultivate a few good friendships and relationships. We are social animals. Some of us need more down time than others, me included. Especially if one is the creative type. But, we I think on some level we still need human contact and interaction to be fully content. Think in terms of what you can do for that other person and invest in those relationships that are important to you.
  2. Set up automatic systems to save/invest. Enough said. Life and time will pass, so as you go you might as well have something building in the background. Make it automatic and then forget about it.
  3. Your health. A person could have a billion dollars, but what difference does it make if they are sick, tired and have no one to share it with. We really do not have much without some reasonable level of health. This is never perfect, but to me it seems worth the investment.
  4. Time with our kids. I am adding this because as a parent I realize how important I am to my child. She is watching me all the time and the way I interact with the world. It is an awesome responsibility. I also know that when my days are over in this form, one of the only things that will matter is what kind of dad I was. A fancy job title, a bunch of money in the bank, etc. will not matter that much.
In many ways it seems that success compounds just like money in an investment. So thank you for reading and I hope Jerry and I in some way can help add value and inspiration to your life.
PS: This is not intended as any kind of financial or health advice for anyone. Please consult a professional if you have specific questions about your situations.

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