New I Phone Battery, Buying Apple Stock!

Yeah! New I Phone X coming out. Don’t buy it! You heard right, I’m buying Apple stock instead. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple products! But I do not like spending over $1,000 for a smart phone. Dont take my word for it. I don’t think Warren Buffett has an I Phone, but his holding company Berkshire owns over 14% of all Apple shares. That is worth about $35 Billion, enough to keep the I Phone and Apple car charged. No Apple car yet, but as a Tesla fan I’m certainly hoping for one. So I have an ancient I Phone 6 that I bought refurbished for $100. This is one area I’m trying to keep costs low so I can plow more into investments. There are starting to be some battery charging issues. Until the end of 2018 you can get the battery replaced at any Apple store for $29. That’s my plan.


The point here though is not about the latest tech, it’s ultimately about owning a small slice of this extraordinary company. I always go back to if the worlds greatest investor thinks it’s a strong investment, that works for me. I’m buying shares through Robinhood and collecting the dividends. I am not at 14% of the company yet, but you have to start somewhere! ?  

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