New Apple Watch or iPhone Envy? Simple Hack Saves Thousands!

apple watch 6
apple watch 6
With Apple’s sexy new watches, phones and monthly leasing plans, carrier subsidies, and easy access to credit, it’s very easy to walk out of an Apple Store with a brand new phone. I made the mistake of visiting the Apple Store a few weeks ago and instantly regretted it because now there is a voice inside my head telling me to order one to play with all the fancy new features. Trust me, I know I’m better off with my 2nd hand iPhone 7 I bought off of Swappa and a MVNO cheap phone plan that doesn’t bind me to a carrier or contract and lets me bring my phone to any carrier I want. So how did I use my best sales resistance to walk out of the store empty handed?
  1. Buy a new case
  2. Change the lockscreen and background wallpaper to the latest iOS 14 design
  3. If you must upgrade, wait until after the yearly announcements and buy an earlier year model off Swappa
Psychologically it makes me feel like I have a fancy new phone, and it tricks my brain into thinking I’ve just upgraded to something new and special. And trust me, a case is MUCH cheaper than a new phone plan with mandatory insurance coverage. Even the enticing discounts you’ll see advertised are really just subsidies on a monthly plan so you have to keep the phone & the service for a couple years to capture the credit on your monthly statement. Say it with me I don’t need Memoji, I don’t need FaceID, I don’t need a blood oxygen level monitor, I don’t need surgical grade stainless steel, I don’t need Super Retina custom OLED display at 2688 x 1242 resolution with 458ppi, I don’t need wireless charging, and I don’t need Intelligent A13 Bionic Bokeh depth control! Keep that $1449.00 and invest it in a stock that pays dividends. Greg has a bunch of great suggestions on this very site : For more information on cheaper cell phone providers, don’t forget to check out our Cell Phone Plan article: Another favorite site of the MoneyVikings is the mymoneyblog:  

3 thoughts on “New Apple Watch or iPhone Envy? Simple Hack Saves Thousands!

    1. Couldn’t agree more Stephen, upgrading to iOS 12 was a lot of fun, and I’ve been enjoying the new features like Siri shortcuts!

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