Removing the “RE” from FIRE!

As many readers of our blog know, we are not solely focused on the “retiring” part of growing wealth and managing resources wisely. Our message is about a lot more than a magic number in an investment account from which we can start withdrawing 4% annually. That part is frankly simple. I recently watched a great lecture from John Tammy on how work is going to get better for many people over the coming years, therefore people may never want to “Retire” in the traditional sense. I agree with Mr. Tamny’s assessment, and on aggregate believe things are getting better and will continue to do so for the average worker. We completed a post on this a few months back with an overview of his book, “The End of Work”. I prefer focusing on the “Financial Independence” part of FIRE instead of the “Retire Early” part. Because the truth is that I enjoy work (I am pretty sure Jerry does too). I enjoy making things, being productive, contributing to the world, being engaged with markets and customers, learning, having pride in what I do, etc. I think many people have these feelings and goals. And perhaps over time we can manage things in order to remove more of the “suckier” parts of work from our lives. The small mindedness, the petty office gossip, useless functions, all the lame “stuff”. Mainly because if you reach FI, you can do work you want to do and you will literally never want to “retire”. What many folks seek is a sense of security, a sense of commanding their own destiny and a sense of purpose. I believe the FI part of the equation all plays into this. This is an aspect of F.I.R.E. to consider on your journey. It has made a difference in my goals and the ways I see things in terms of building a truly rich and joyous life of creation, service, family, experiences and friends. Cheers and Live Long and Prosper in FII!

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