How I made $208.82 on my day off in less than 30 minutes

Today I saved/made a bunch of money and I thought it was cool to earn some money on a weekend rather than just during the 9-5 day here’s how I did it.

Fixed a broken vacuum cleaner ($200)

Our vacuum cleaner had been acting weird lately and my wife and I were talking about getting a new one. I couldn’t believe how quickly the vacuum cleaner we just bought (let’s say 2 years ago) for about $200 broke. So I started looking into it and it turned out the filter just needed to be cleaned and a piece called the “dirtcup” needed to be put back in its proper place. I fixed it! Not only did I save time trying to call the manufacturer and my credit card company to see if they would cover the warranty if the manufacturer wouldn’t, then research and hauling it to a repair shop, I  saved $200 which I easily would have spent to just get it fixed. Glad I spent the 5 minutes looking at the manual to figure out how to clean the filter and realign the dirtcup.

Did some surveys and watched some videos on swagbucks ($3.82)

I’ve been experimenting with “phone farming” from This Online World’s Blog, which I am very much enjoying. There are so many apps listed and they all want lots of data about you. I decided to start simple with the swagbucks option and have already made $3.82 for 2 days of passive videos on 3 phones and 1 computer running videos simultaneously. I’ve traded in the first $3.00 for an giftcard to see if this really works. It will take 3 days to process, so fingers crossed. This seems to be more lucrative than attempting to mine ethereum, bitcoin, monero, or zcash, which I’ve tried and have not been successful with. Just be sure that leaving your computer on all the time watching videos doesn’t cost more than the return you receive from swagbucks! More on that in a prior post The Hidden Cost Of Your Computer.  

Returned something I didn’t need at CVS ($5.00)

Yesterday bought a product from CVS with Extra Bucks that had been saved up by shopping at CVS a lot. It was free to begin with, however when I got home and realized it was the wrong product, I felt deflated because those Extra Bucks take a while to earn! Even though it was only $5.00, I took the time to walk back to CVS and got a nice refreshing 20 minute walk in (6,224 steps today) and was able to get the amount refunded back to a CVS card, which I will surely used in the near future.

Wrote this blog entry

While I highly doubt this blog entry will go viral and make us Money Vikings 100s or 1000s of dollars, each entry counts and hopefully provides some motivation to our readers, and earns Greg and I a small monthly revenue stream. Blogging is a fun side hustle that helps other people. We also find it to be a great way to learn. We’re just getting started, but every little bit counts!

4 thoughts on “How I made $208.82 on my day off in less than 30 minutes

  1. Hey guys, so happy to hear you are trying out phone farming and passive video sites! Like you mentioned, I find it a lot more profitable than trying to get some form of crypto mining up and running. Plus, free amazon gift cards are always nice 🙂 Thanks for the mention!

    1. Hi Tom, You bet! I’ve gone quite deep down the rabbit hole this weekend and made 3$ so far on Amazon, and I have 120 swagbucks, and about 987 Perk Points. I hate the surveys though, I’ve gone through a few, but man they are annoying, especially the ones that don’t show you % complete. Anyhow, I seem to have had the best luck with Perk.TV and just let those run on an HTC M8, Google Pixel 1, and iPhone 6. Hoping to hit 1200 points tonight for another whole dollar from Amazon.

      1. Hey Jerry, it certainly is a rabbit hole! I hate surveys as well and try to stay away from them, but you are right, Perk is awesome! Right now I’m running Perk TV or App Trailers on my phone and on a spare laptop I run Engageme.TV through Part of the fun certainly comes from all the optimization!

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