Dividend Stocks (ET, CVS, QCOM, PFE)

One key strategy we are deploying here at The Money Vikings to achieve FI (Financial Independence) is through robust dividend producing portfolios. My personal strategy is to develop multiple streams of income through various methods including but not limited to dividend stocks, real estate, 4% withdrawal rules, side hustles, etc. On the dividend front I like to share the acquisitions we are putting together in order to build a stream of passive income. In general I think it is such a great concept that companies will spin some profits back to the investors each quarter! One thing I really like about focusing on dividends is that I care less about the actual fluctuations of the share prices month to month. As long as the company is well managed and spinning off the dividend, I don’t care what the market machine is voting each day. Here are the acquisitions I made this month and the forward cash flow projections:

Energy Transfer (ET):

10 Shares, $14/share, .305 dividend per share, about 7-8% yield.

$12.20 in forward income.

I plan on loading up on some more Energy Transfer over time. This fast growing company provides natural gas pipeline transportation and transmission services.

CVS Healthcare (CVS):

5 Shares, $72/share, .50 dividend per share, about 2.76% yield.

$10 in forward income.

CVS acquiring Aetna would make this already strong company, well positioned to deliver healthcare in the future. RELATED: http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/07/18/save-with-cvs-brands-cvs-stock/

Qualcomm (QCOM):

5 Shares, $62/share, .62 dividend per share, about 4.2% yield

$12.40 in forward income.



additional 2 Shares acquired through Dividend Reinvestment Plan, .34/share, $102 dividend reinvested.

Total of approximately $404 in forward income.

RELATED: http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/09/23/pfizer-dividend-snapshot/   These micro acquisitions through a low cost platform like Robinhood really add up over time. As mentioned before, our strategy is to build several passive income machines in order to achieve FI. My personal goal would be to derive 10-15% of income from a robust portfolio of quality dividend stocks. It is very reasonable over a course of several years to build a strong dividend portfolio that could spin off $4,000-$6,000 a year in income. This is not investment advice for anyone. The views expressed here are solely those of the author. Seek investment advice from a financial fiduciary professional.  

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