Dividend Income Update Dec 2018

Money Vikings are constantly searching for ways to bring in additional passive income, and one of our favorites is dividend income. Here is a snapshot of my annual dividend income for December 2018. I just recently surpassed the $1,000/year mark in dividend income, which was a fun milestone. Here are highlights of the good and bad changes in this report and a new increased total of about $1,090 year in income:
  • General Electric, oh General Electric, how far you have fallen. So the new CEO cut the dividend to practically nothing, 1 cent a share. They probably wanted to avoid the headlines that would have read, GE cuts dividend to nothing after 100 plus years! I did not pay much for the shares, so I am just going to hold them and see what happens in a couple years. The new CEO is known for turning around struggling conglomerates, in fact GE is now trying to become less of a conglomerate, selling businesses and focusing in on core profitable businesses. Not sure what will happen, time will tell. They are still big players in aviation, energy and healthcare. See our GE review at GE Stock & Dividend Cut.
  • CVS, Added 5 shares of CVS. I am very excited about CVS with their recent merger with Aetna. The merger leads to greater integration of care, empowers consumers and their health professionals to make more informed decisions and the transaction is expected to generate significant synergies for shareholders and benefits for customers.
  • Johnson & Johnson JNJ. Added 5 shares of this old stable stalwart and Dividend King. Check out or review at Johnson & Johnson Dividend King. I like stocks like JNJ because they tend to weather recessions well, and I do not have a crystal ball, but things seem a bit shaky now with all the trade war turmoil.
  • Pfizer PFE. Added 2 more shares of Pfizer. Pfizer is another old favorite of mine that I have owned for 15 years and hope to never sell. Just letting the dividends continually buy more shares.
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