5 Ways To Make Peace With Your Current Financial Picture (Christmas Special)

On the pursuit to financial independence it can be hard to make peace with current problems (such as high levels of debt) and other “mistakes” from the past. It is like the ghost of Christmas past coming to haunt us. But one must remember there is also a ghost of Christmas future that delivers a message of hope and a call to action. We look around, we read blogs, we watch TV.  It can all seem like everyone else is doing better than us, it is human nature to think this, but it can be an illusion and bad for us. Therefore it is important to remember that you are not alone. Most people struggle to keep it all together when it comes to personal finance and money. Many of us are struggling day to day to figure this whole “money management” thing out. Therefore, we put our heads together and thought of some ways to make peace with where we are and more importantly: where we want to go.


Perspective is hard for humans. We are very myopic about our current little trivial needs and situation. We have present moment bias and self-centered bias. Our monkey brains seem designed for one thing only, survival in the moment. The problem in the modern world is that we neglect the bigger picture and the long view on life. In all fairness, it seems hard for most “animals” to do this. But we are supposed to be all evolved and stuff!

You probably have it good

After watching lame TV and comparing yourself to some Hollywood Star or whatever, remember that if you are reading this you probably have things a lot better than about 75% of all humanity.  I know that is cold comfort if your latte wasn’t made right in the morning, but I believe keeping this in mind is crucial to you. Why? Because simply put, if you are able to maintain perspective you will have less stress, be able to solve issues better, and ultimately be happier.

Count your assets and opportunities

One thing to keep in mind in the moment is to count your assets and what you can do with them moving forward. I mean things like a steady job, health, a support network, resources, etc. If you look around hard enough you will probably realize you have alot more working in your favor than previously imagined.

Scrooge confronting his past

Making Peace

Here are 5 concepts to consider to make peace and move forward to thrive financially.

1. You are not your net worth

Net worth is simply a measure of where you are on a journey to financial independence. It is not a measure of you as a person. We all have some kind of unique gift to offer others and ourselves. We all have unique values, desires and passions. Net worth will fluctuate up and down depending on life circumstances. Obviously the goal is to keep it moving upward most years. And keep in mind money is a tool, not a measure of self worth. It is a tool to get a job done called life management, security, experiences and values.

2. You are not your past, you have now and the future to do something

We are not omnipresent beings that can see the future. We also cannot go back in time and change the past. Everyone has things they wish they had done differently or said differently, that is the nature of our existence. I hear many folks beat themselves up over perceived mistakes or missed opportunities. This is wasted energy. Use energy to learn, take action in the moment, recalibrate and move on with your life. If you are reading blogs like The Money Vikings, then like us, you are interested in what you can do now and in the future to improve you and your families life! Realize the beauty and peace in that mind set.

3. Face the problems, confront them, address them head on

Typically problems do not solve themselves. If you have a leaky roof you will have to do something to address it. If you ignore it, more holes will appear until the property is destroyed and the roof falls in. My wise grandfather once told me that life is a series of challenges. He also said each “problem” has at least one solution. We must all be more creative and think about the many options available to us to solve our life challenges.

4. Many effective strategies are free

Gratitude, attitude, work ethic, trying, giving something your all, being present for someone and yourself, listening to others, using kind words, making a healthy choice…All these things are mostly free and pretty easy to do. And, I bet they would make a person feel a lot wealthier!

5. Train your mind

One of the main reasons we write this blog is to learn and train our minds for future success. You can do the same. Think about ways you can be better with your money you work so hard for. How can you respect your resources to make them better serve you now and into the future? With these ideas, wishing all a productive and evolutionary 2019. There will be challenges, there always are. The point is to think about how we can better manage them and build a stronger future.  

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