AT&T Beats Earnings by .01, Stock up over 4%!


AT&T Dividend & Earnings Review

AT&T (T) returns .89/share, 5.54% yield, Price to Earnings: 15.57, up 4% today!

[stock_ticker symbols=”AAPL,T” show=”symbol” static=”1″] AT&T is much more than a Consumer Mobility company, it’s a giant holding company which has several large additional businesses such as an Entertainment Group, Business Solutions Group, and an International Group. With it’s recent acquisition of Time Warner, it has a market cap of over $204 billion.

Diversified Business

In just the past year it is starting to leverage it’s wireless phone and media assets to create bundled phone plan offerings that combine DirectTV HBO, HBO Max, and Showtime, giving it a competitive advantage against other competitors in its industry such as T-Mobile and Sprint. It is currently a cheap stock with a very low P/E ratio of 15.57 compared to an industry average of 31.71. It offers an amazing 5% dividend at the moment, putting it in the dividend aristocrat category.


It started rolling out it’s faster 5G network in December of 2018, with many more cities to come this year and next. With its earnings report on 10/28/19, it posted a $0.94 EPS, beating by .01. Currently, 5 analysts are recommending a strong by, 4 analysts are showing a buy rating, 10 are showing a hold and 1 are recommending a sell, putting the mean recommendation to “hold-buy”. The main risk investors are concerned with is the $180 billion in outstanding debt which increased when it purchased Time Warner. Many analysts feel these concerns are overblown, as it has been paying it’s dividend for 33 years. The last ex-dividend date was 10/9/19 so you’ll get paid .51/share if you bought before then on 11/1/19.

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