Saving at the Gas Pump

Always Carry Some Cash

When driving past my local gas station I noticed that they charge $2.99 per gallon if you use cash, and $3.29 per gallon if you use your credit card. Some credit cards offer $0.03 or more back per gallon, but it’s still not enough to make up for the $0.30 difference. That is at least a $3.00 difference per fill up! I noticed that Bank of America will start offering 3% back on gas starting in the new year. Assuming you load up 10 gallons, cash would be $29.90 for a full tank and paying with the Bank of America cash back card with (3%) is $32.90 – $0.98, or $31.92. You are still paying over $2.02 more per fill-up by not using cash. So it literally pays to pay in cash because a penny saved is a penny earned.

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