The Top 3 Things I Learned At the tastytrade “He Said She Said Tour”

tastytrade he said she said tour san diego
Tom Sosnoff talking about risks and decision making
On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a tastytrade event, and meet and shake hands with some of the Rock Stars from the tastytrade network. It was held at the musicbox, where I usually see bands play here in San Diego. Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith were cranked up when I walked in, and Tony and Tom were out in the open meeting traders and saying hi. I didn’t know if I was going to learn how to manage my deltas or hear Slash do some killer guitar solos! What kind of financial event is this? 😉 It was informative and fun, the way learning should be. As many Money Viking readers know, from time to time we work with option trading to generate passive income. And tastytrade is an awesome platform and an amazing resource for traders. The event was about the backgrounds of each of the presenters, and was very motivational and inspiring. Not just for trading, but to be part of special expanding platform that really wasn’t available to the average investor just a few years ago.

My Top 3 Takeaways

  1. We’re trained throughout our lives to take risks in our careers, try new things, experience new places, foods, travel, etc… but when it comes to finances most people have been trained to be passive. In other words, we are told to save money and invest in an S&P 500 Index fund. This is a great start, but at some point a person may want to take their investing to the next level.
  2. Experience is the best teacher. Take some shots – It’s OK to take some informed risks. Options give you the opportunity to know what the probability of profit and loss is before your trade is executed. It is a very informative and calculated way of trading, often risking less capital than a plain stock purchase.
  3. I’m not alone, the room was packed, there was a great support network of other traders in San Diego just like me who are learning about options, and trying to get smarter about the way they trade.
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probability of profit
A very interesting real-life probability of profit scenario
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