Free Birthday Food! (There is such thing as a free lunch)

Most of the wealthy people I know appreciate free or discounted things. Don’t we all on some level? One of my favorites are the free meals or treats that are provided by many eating chains just for having a birthday. So, happy birthday to you and enjoy a free meal! Keep this list handy as your birthday month approaches, we will add to it as we discover more. Keep in mind that in the case of most free stuff there is a motivating factor for the company. They are either using the free thing as a form of advertising, they are collecting your data or counting on you spending more. This is just something to keep in mind as you sign up for free stuff. It could be that most people come in for the free item and end up adding on a lot of extra stuff like alcoholic drinks that make the cost skyrocket. So make sure to have the discipline to get the free thing without the extra charges. Here are some examples of places with free offers just for having a birthday:


Buy one get one free (BOGO)


Free meatball lunch and coffee.  

Dunkin Donuts

Free drink the month of your birthday if you sign up for their rewards program.


Sign up for their rewards program and get a stack of pancakes on your birthday.


Just show your ID and receive a grand slam breakfast.


Get a free drink if you sign up at least 30 days in advance for their rewards program. SEE RELATED: Starbucks Investment and 6 Health Reasons to Drink Coffee


Get 10 free wings when you sign up for their club.


Free pastry on your birthday when you sign up with their rewards program.      

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