Managing Options Trades During Market Turmoil (Part II)

Last week I had some trades open and I was managing them as the market went up and down. This week it’s just as exciting, if not more and I wanted to update you on how my positions are doing. Look for the small white vertical line that shows where the underlying closed at today.
8/5 strangle in GDXJ 
8/14 strangle is still in the range. I’ve rolled puts and calls up and down respectively so there isn’t as much room as there once was.
8/5 Iron Condor in NFLX
Closed out NFLX for an 8$ profit yesterday since I needed the buying power back. Had I kept it, still would have been in the range, closing at $299 today.
8/5 Iron Condor in SBUX
This position hasn’t changed too much, but it’s narrower than it was last week. I’m still in the range.
8/5 Iron Condor in SPY
8/14 iron condor is much narrower. I’ve collected a lot of premium as I continue to roll in the untested sides. Hope it holds above the 285 strike! Still hoping to collect about 50% of the max profit, however this one is very close to breaking even with 37 DTE.
8/5 iron fly, well outside of the tip of the triangle in TLT
8/14 iron fly has gotten ridiculously worse! At this point it’s a lottery ticket but I expect to experience my max loss. This just shows how much bond yields have fallen, and how high bond funds have gotten.
8/5 iron condor in CMG
CMG has been fun to manage. On 8/15, the range is much narrower and I’m just hoping it doesn’t break the 785 put.
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