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Over 2 years ago, 500 posts later and over 50,000 readers later! As you can see, The Money Vikings personal finance blog is taking off and consistently delivering three things:
  1. a platform for learning
  2. a creative outlet
  3. money

A Way to Learn

What I realize after over 2 years of blogging and hundreds of posts about personal finance and investing, is that blogging is one awesome MBA (Master’s Business Administration) program that pays you. In other words, most MBA graduates carry over $66,000 in school loan debt. In comparison, Law school graduates have about $145,000 and medical school graduates carry about $245,000. But, $66k in debt to learn about running businesses and investing is still a lot of money. Now, for some these advanced degrees make a lot of sense. If a person has a drive and passion for one of these fields and is young enough to take on this kind of debt, then it might make sense. But for many of us, an MBA degree which is supposed to teach people about operating businesses, investing, product management, etc., may not be worth it. We may make just as much from on the job activities and self learning. Our self taught program is blogging!

MBA Blogging Program

After 2 years of consistently learning, writing and blogging about personal finance and investing, I feel way more informed. In other words, we have made up for the complete lack of financial education offered by our primary school system. There is an amazing eco system of personal finance bloggers out there. They are producing all kinds of informative and inspirational content that can help you. Dive in! I can confidently say that I can guide myself on a path to wealth, if willing. We have studied and interviewed dozens of self made millionaires and FIRE folks. We have applied the same principals to our own personal finance and in some ways could retire if we chose to. We like working, so we will keep it up for a while, but it is very nice to have options. So for anyone who enjoys writing and wants to learn about personal finance, I would say start a blog. And not for the money, that is just the cherry on top, but to learn and apply wealth building skills.

Wealth Building Skill

The secret our society never tells anyone is that building wealth is a skill. And just like excelling at any skill, it takes passion, training, knowledge, hard work and application. There are not many shortcuts. It takes years of consistent discipline, saving, investing, refining your frugality, diversification and adjusting as needed. We are told a bunch of lies about building wealth. Most people think you need to become a famous movie star, athlete or be born into the right family. Sure, all these paths would help if you are smart, but none are a guarantee of sustained wealth. SEE RELATED: Be The Next Millionaire Next Door

How To Build A Successful Blog

There are over 7 Billion people on the planet, and most of them are consumers and trying to support and build their family. In the next 20-30 years humanity will reach about 10 billion people. There is an unlimited potential for a personal finance and wealth building audience. I am one of them, I devour personal finance blogs and love the knowledge and inspiration. So, if you want to learn and enjoy writing, make a blog. Here are some of my top tips for putting together a successful blog:

1. Choose a subject you are passionate about

To create a successful blog, you have to be passionate about the subject. Otherwise you will not want to spend any time devoted to building the platform and content. It takes a ton of hours and effort to design and build a successful blog. Jerry and I are passionate about investing, good personal finance, helping people succeed, the strengthening of our country, etc. This is what we hope comes through in our blog. The more we all successfully invest, the better off we are as individuals, for our kids and for our country!

2. Just get started

Yes, you have to write and gather quality content. Yes, you have to have a nice easy to read design and logo. But none of these things are ever going to be perfect. It is a “Web Log” or Blog, not the Constitution of the United States. It is your web log of ideas and concepts that have helped you build wealth. And you are thoughtful enough to share them with other people so they can succeed. My point is to just get started. I constantly go back and refine articles, update information, etc. But it was important in the beginning to get started. There is a greater point here about life. Sometimes when we want to do something we spend too much time thinking about it. Again, sometimes we just need to start, nothing will be perfect from the beginning.

3. Harness Social Media

Get your blog out there on social media. Whether we like it or not, social media is a force to be reckoned with. We are all addicted to our phones and social media feeds. Remember, the brainiacs at Facebook designed the platform to be addictive to our monkeys brains so they could make advertising dollars. SEE RELATED: Monkeys With Money If you want people to read your blog and your thoughts, then get on social media.

4. Discover Your Angle

Find your particular personal finance voice and niche. Perhaps you are really good at frugality. Share all the ways the world can learn from your example and cut back. Perhaps you excel at Options or side hustles. Perhaps you are focused on those last 5 years before retirement. Or you are focused on the beginning of a career. You get the idea. There are people at all different stages, help them help you! This takes time. Jerry and I are still developing our style and niche. We like learning about investing, technology, health and living a Money Viking life of True Wealth!

5. Help Other Bloggers

Get involved in the blogger community in your niche. Support them and usually that comes back as support for you! It is our dream to attend FINCON someday, the convention for personal finance bloggers.

6. Monetize

The final step is to consider ways to monetize your blog. There are many services available to place ads on your blog or do affiliate marketing in your particular theme. After over two years of building our blog, we are starting to see consistent cash flow. This is not life changing money, but like we said, kind of cool to get paid for our “blogging” MBA.


Thank you for reading The Money Vikings as we are well into our second year. We want the world to build wealth and enjoy great productive lives. If interested in an alternative to an MBA program and want the knowledge, consider blogging about finance, it is an amazing way to learn and connect. It is sure working for us!

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