40 Things At 40,000 Readers!

We are happy to announce after a couple of years of hard work, research and writing that we have reached over 40,000 readers here at our personal finance and investing blog, The Money Vikings! This makes me very happy for a couple of reasons. From a purely personal standpoint I am proud that we built something from scratch using our experience, research, writing and creativity. But this is greater than that. See, we have to work together to make our country and communities stronger. In the long run, if folks mismanage their finances, we all will suffer. And our children will be worse off for it. The better we all collectively manage our work, health and capital, the stronger we all become together!


In the long run, what really matters is how we lived our lives. Did we live with integrity, strength, kindness and fairness. Did we manage our affairs in a manner in line with our higher values. Did we do right by our children and the people we love in this world?

40,000 People

In a small way, I hope The Money Vikings tribe and dialogue adds value to your life. Perhaps we offer a new perspective on wealth building or some kind of little inspiration to strive for better.

40 Things

Therefore, in celebration of our 40,000 readers goal, here are 40 things that stand out in my mind:
  1. The past and future are important, but we only have the present moment to take action.
  2. We are present bias creatures, we must automate to build wealth over time.
  3. For most of our money for most people a simple approach to investing is probably the best: automate regular distributions into index funds that are balanced among asset classes.
  4. A life of True Wealth balances health, family, friends, work, money and investing.
  5. Small steps over a long time are the reality of building wealth.
  6. Although, quantum leaps can happen at times…
  7. We usually get a few big investment opportunities, try and be prepared for them.
  8. The road to building wealth is about simple math, do not spend more than you make.
  9. Be careful who you marry and hang around with. Surround yourself with people that uplift each other.
  10. Focus is critical, pick a few things and get good at them. We cannot do it all.
  11. Learn to negotiate and learn when there are times to say no.
  12. Learn that there are times to say yes even when it seems scary.
  13. Dividends are awesome and important.
  14. Stand up for yourself and your family.
  15. Be kind.
  16. Invest in your health. We get one body and mind, take care of it.
  17. Read The Millionaire Next Door. Realize that many wealthy people do not look like the silly image we are presented on TV.
  18. Strive for excellence, action and try. Do not worry about being perfect. Only the Mona Lisa is perfect.
  19. Get off the screens sometimes and have a family game night or a hike.
  20. Try to do something today that could help you avoid cancer or some other terrible disease.
  21. When investing, think about risk…
  22. Try and put your money into appreciating assets, not depreciating liabilities.
  23. The rich buy assets, the poor buy liabilities and junk…
  24. Money after a certain point has nothing to do with happiness. Happiness comes from relationships, health, pursuits, work and experience…
  25. Harness the power of what we coined THE INVESTING TRIFECTA, to double and triple net worth.
  26. Eat blueberries. In fact, eat mostly plants.
  27. Try not to eat too much.
  28. Live with integrity, be ethical, treat yourself and others with respect.
  29. No pity parties, just get up and try…
  30. Truly respect a dollar, it can go to work for you.
  31. Shun bad debt, debt for stuff that loses value…
  32. Cultivate patience, things take time.
  33. Keep learning and re thinking assumptions.
  34. Cars: One rule of thumb is to buy a middle of the road, gently used, safe model and drive it for at least 10 years.
  35. Save & invest at least 8-15% of your salary, consistently every paycheck. Do not touch the money so that it has the advantage of time and compounding.
  36. Stuff: Buy used when possible. Try not to buy too much.  Try not to put it on credit. Do not pay to store it. Try and think before you buy.
  37. Do not over extend on housing, it is not a traditional investment, it is a place to live, rest and enjoy family.
  38. Have access to an emergency fund, life happens. Cars break down, houses need repairs, medical expenses may pop up!
  39. Get adequate sleep and rest. This enhances your potential to make money, invest wisely and act as a responsible consumer.
  40. Listen to others, shrink the ego and think about what you can do to add value. The value typically comes back to a person ten fold.

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