7 Ways To Thrive During Coronavirus Lockdown

Let’s be honest, this is all kind of weird and scary for us. Many of us are accustomed to go go go lifestyles. Always out and about doing things and being busy. For millions, a couple weeks ago this all came to an abrupt STOP! And it must stop for at least a couple months if we are going to avoid the worst case scenario. We cannot half ass this or the virus will flare up again and again, prolonging suffering and economic collapse. I am truly saddened by the effect this virus is having on many of us. I am hoping that we work together and cooperate to defeat this.

Viruses Do Not Care

Viruses do not care about our beliefs, goals, cities, economies, tribes, petty political affiliations, etc. They do not care. Therefore, they will only respond to prudent use of scientific methods, medicines, our actions and the resiliency of our healthcare system. It seems for the most part our country is coming together to get through this. But there are the occasional dumb asses, but that is to be expected. They will be marginalized and ridiculed because they are stupid and they are putting our lives and economy at risk. Therefore I anticipate seeing them calm their dumb asses down as things get real soon!

Is this a dream?

We are certainly collectively living through uncharted territory. Remember we are social creatures in general, now living in a world of extreme social distancing. We are now living within our self contained home bubbles in very close proximities to our immediate family members. I went from being around my wife (whom I love very much) about a couple hours a day, to now 24/7 within the same 2,000 sq. feet.

God Bless Our Healthcare Workers, Food Managers, etc.!

We are now divided into very different lives depending on age and profession. Those working in healthcare, grocery stores and Amazon fulfillment centers should be venerated for keeping us from devolving into Mad Max! Please do your part to appreciate these people and for being on the front lines of this situation.

7 Ways to Thrive Now

Now in week 2 of this pandemic, I have had some time to process through what might work to help us all survive this with our mental health, finances, and physical health intact. Here are some ideas and encourage you to share more so we can help each other out.

1. Be Easy On Yourself

Whatever your situation, try and be kind to yourself. This is not really easy for anyone. We are all dealing with some very strange realities and stresses at the moment. Take a break from the news and the social media for a while. Let yourself just be at peace. Chances are, if you are following the guidance, staying home, staying sanitary, etc., then you will emerge from this just fine. Perhaps you have lost money in the stock market or perhaps you have even lost your job. Well, again, be easy on yourself. Existential threats to our systems can be hard to predict or prevent. We are in this together. Chances are you will receive some kind of government assistance to get by and chances are the jobs will come back once we get this virus under control. Do some self care and be forgiving to those around you. We all need it right now.

2. Routine vs. Non-Routine

During the traditional work week we are trying to have some semblance of a schedule. Especially since we are running a small 1st grade class out of our home too. Developing a schedule for yourself and a routine might help. Work in some work time, exercise time, fun time, reading time, creative time, whatever matches up with your interests. I added non-routine because there may be some days when it is hard to keep to a rigid structure, and that is ok. We must allow ourselves to not be perfect.

3. Connect Through Video Chats

We had obviously used FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc. in the past, but over the last couple weeks we have used these platforms like crazy. And I have actually been pleasantly surprised how much of a difference it has made. It is nice to see other peoples faces as we communicate and talk. Set up a virtual “coffee time” with co-workers. Set up some virtual play dates with your children’s friends. Jerry and I have our kids do FaceTime and then connect while playing Minecraft. It is a fun and constructive way to give them some interaction with other kids while social distancing.

4. Love the ones you’re with

Many of us are not that used to seeing our loved ones as much as we do now. Let’s embrace and cherish this opportunity. This is a chance to connect more deeply with loved ones and out children at home. We will also inevitably need our space as well, but it will be nice to have some more close time with those we cherish.

5. Make Your House a Fortress & Sanctuary

Right now the safest place to be is in your home. This will also save our economy and hundreds of thousands of lives over the next year. This virus is dangerous because it spreads like wildfire and is more lethal than the flu. Therefore, stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing, etc. so we can get this over with faster. This is a great opportunity to tidy up your home into what it is meant to be. As a result, a home can be a place of safety, productivity, rejuvenation, love, solace, reflection, rest and peace. No matter if you live in an apartment or a house, there are many ways to focus on creating a great environment. Make your house a fortress right now. For example, ensure what is coming into it is safe and sanitary. Take precautions when grocery shopping and when out. We have created a quarantine zone in the garage where Amazon deliveries and groceries are wiped down before coming in. This may sound extreme, but let’s do our part to stop this spread and save our country. This is our chance.

6. Practice or learn something new

Many of us in a strange way have a little extra time. For example, without long commutes or shuttling children all over town, we have extra time on our hands. Make the most of it. Is there a book you always wanted to read.

7. Be Financially Level Headed

Almost all of us have taken some kind of financial hit. I am personally not making any dramatic moves right now. I am buying a few shares each week of quality companies that I see now at discounted prices. Along the lines of my 12 Stocks For the Long Run. If you are on the younger side in your 20’s-40’s, this could be one of the great buying opportunities of your life. And this can be done simply by continuing to invest each payday some percentage into your company 401k plan. Right now we can buy shares at a discount, remember the last 3.5 years of gains have been wiped away. In other words keep up the dollar cost averaging. If your losses were extreme and you are upset about it, then I believe you were not allocated or diversified enough. See our SLEEP AT NIGHT PORTFOLIO. This portfolio only suffered minimal losses during the market collapse vs. a portfolio more heavily weighted in equities. Again, if you are 20-50 years old, then it is not too late to adjust the portfolio to endure future shocks. Although, if you are making any major moves now I would see a fiduciary financial advisor.

BONUS: This is collectively an opportunity to step back and reflect on our lives. What is working and what is not working in our system?

Perhaps we needed to collectively hit the pause and reset button? I would rather none of this happen, but sometimes in a strange way, good things come out of bad things. Some new insights, some new knowledge or wisdom perhaps can be gleaned. If we look into this and think about it, I bet we can perceive some new wisdom or better ways to do things. Perhaps we can collectively re charge and re boot.

This Too Shall Pass

Think of all the things humans have lived through, WW1, WW2, Depression, etc. We will also make it through this with immediate clear action. Stay safe, stay healthy and love each other. God bless you all and God bless the World!

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