Jerry’s Trading Journal – July 15, 2020 $NFLX $JNJ $AUDUSD

    • 7/14/20 – Yesterday sold /M6AU0 (AUD/USD E-mini micro futures) at .6966 and was thinking it would go down, but instead it went up and hit my stop of at .7016. There’s $50 I’ll never see again… maybe tonight?
  • 7/15/20 Earnings $JNJ Iron Condor at 130/135/160/165 collecting .96 for August. These are about 15 delta.
  • 7/15/20 Earnings $NFLX Iron Condor at 420/425/645/660 collecting 1.42 for August. Also in the 15 delta range.  This was placed one day early because I thought earnings were tomorrow morning.

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