Trading Journal – July 16, 2020 $MVIS $JPM $ABBV $ PTON $BAC $ESPO

Bought 100 additional shares of $MVIS @ 2.09 Monitored $NFLX iron condor entered yesterday. Even with the post-earnings drop, it’s still within a 1 standard deviation range and that’s good for the trade I’m in, expires in August. Looking to collect 50% of max ~$70.       Closed a $JPM strangle for 50% credit – $100 profit Entered into a long stock position with $ESPO on a small pullback today. Sold a 95 strike put in $ABBV, collecting around $235. Looking to either purchase $ABBV or collect 50-100% of the premium by August. Closed a $PTON iron condor for a loss that expired tomorrow. Managed it aggressively into an iron fly, however it still wasn’t close to the 50 dollar strike I needed it to be at. After BAC earnings were announced I entered a covered call at the 26 strike in August collecting $50.  

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