Trading Journal – July 22, 2020 $IBM $SNAP $SLV /SM75Q20 /SPREQ20 /SFXQ20 $TWTR

Trades We Managed Today

  • IBM –  Aug short strangle -115p/-135c – closed for .92 profit
  • SNAP – Aug short strangle 20p/30c – closed for .55 profit

Trades We Opened Today

  • TWTR 31p/45c earnings short strangle for 1.04, hoping to close on open tomorrow.
  • In my bite-sized tastyworks account,
  • Short /SM75Q20 (Small 75 Futures Product) at 48.00,
  • Shorted /SFXQ20, the small exchange dollar product (US Small Dollar) at 152.44. (Of course the day I enter, the dollar goes up!)
  • I also went long the Small Exchange Precious Metals contract, SPREQ20 for 72.05. I really overpaid for it this morning due to really low liquidity, however by the end of the day it rose to 72.47.
  • And to cover the rest of my precious metals FOMO, I went long a 1 lot of SLV @ 20.73, better late than never i guess.

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