Trading Journal – July 23, 2020 – /SM75Q20 $CSCO $T $INTC /M6AU0

Trades We Opened Today

T – Buy/write covered calls. Purchase price was $29.94 with a .65 credit for an Aug 28 30.50c, bringing the cost basis down to $29.29. CSCO – my 46p (cash secured) expires tomorrow almost worthless (.03 today 7/24). Rolled it forward and up to Aug 7th for a .61 credit. Moved short put strike up to 46.50p INTC – short 56p/66c strangle for earnings. Currently around 54$ aftermarket, post earnings. Could end up owning this one but really too soon to tell. /M6AU0 – AUD/USD eMini Micro futures. Established a long position at .7118 /SM75Q20 – Small Exchange Small 75 – did nothing but held and observed it increasing in value today while the general indexes declined. Entered a short for 48.00 yesterday and at one point I was up over .80 in this one today. It’s the only reason my portfolio closed with a positive P&L today. the small exchange small 75

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