Trading Journal – July 24, 2020 – /SM75Q20 $TWTR $SPCE /XCU0 $AMD $AUDUSD


Trades We Managed Today

TWTR – The earnings short strangle hit my 50% profit target and closed automatically with my GTC order for .49 profit. INTC – Stock was down after earnings, but I bought back the call side of the short strangle for .06. This is now just a margin secured put that I’ll watch and potentially roll or purchase purchase if it doesn’t return to the 56$ strike before August expiration.

Trades We Opened Today

SPCE – have been wanting to get back into Space (pun intended) so I entered a short 17p/34c strangle for a 2.90 premium expiring in Sept. This is my first Sept position, time sure flies! /XCU0 – Decided to go long mini-sized corn futures. Entered at 328.500.


/SFXQ20 – shorted the US dollar yesterday, it did well today as the dollar weakens. AMD – my covered call at $65 exceeded my expectations today. Now I will hold/watch, or possibly roll to Sept at a higher strike next week /SPREQ20 – My small Gold/Silver/Platinum small futures position continued to rally, although I’m not sure how much steam is left back in precious metals. I decided to hold over the weekend /SM75Q20 – My small 75 short also did well today, and I also decided to hold over the weekend. /M6A0 – entered a long Aussie Dollar position at .7118 yesterday and will continue to hold over the weekend. Great Aussie Dollar daily analysis from Christopher Lewis of FX Empire.

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