The Money Vikings Podcast #9 – Selling AAPL Puts, Rule of 72, FIRE 4% Rule

The Money Vikings Podcast
Jerry, Greg and Bob discuss Jerry’s trade of the week – Selling an October AAPL put at the 100 dollar strike for $2.26 x 100 – in the profit and loss profile below, you can see that he plans to sell around 9/25 for 50% of his profit target, as long as the stock stays where it is today. For $1,798 of margin used, that would be a 6% return in 2 weeks! We also discuss the ability to clone trades from the tastyworks platform. We talk about the small exchange, and our favorite personalities like Tom Sosnoff, Tony Batista, Pete Mulmat, Frank Kaberna, with the ability to clone their trades. AAPL put Greg reviews the Rule of 72 – how to calculate what it takes to double your money based on a given return We discuss the 4% Rule, or how to live happily in retirement preserving your income.
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