The Money Vikings Podcast #16 – In Defense of Stocks $SPOT $GOOG

Jerry, Greg, and Bob discuss the technicals and fundamentals for 2 stocks, $SPOT and $GOOG, and a criteria to review before picking a stock for your portfolio.

Jerry’s Stock Picking Checklist (from a technical perspective)

  • What is timeframe?
  • What is the trend and momentum? Check Moving Averages, RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands
  • Do you see any patterns? Head and shoulders or Rising Wedge? What does it imply from a technical perspective?
  • Is it doing better or worse than the S&P? What about relative to its peers in its own sector or industry?
  • What is the correlation to the other assets in your portfolio? Are you buying because you want more diversification or adding to an existing position in say in Healthcare?
  • Check the beta weighted delta of the position. Are you trying to be more bearish, bullish or neutral. What does this trade do to your overall portfolio and is it consistent with the overall beta weighted delta?
  • How is the asset performing with other 1 or -1 assets correlations? For example if you are buying a bond, are rates falling? If you are shorting Australian dollars, is the US Dollar index rising? It’s good to get a second opinion!
  • When are earnings? When is the ex-dividend date? Do you want to hold over this period?
  • What is the volatility? Do we want (or need to avoid) wild swings in the coming timeframe?

Charts from the Show

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