Is CashApp Boost Disrupting the Starbucks Gold Rewards Program?


Ways to save (have your mocha and drink it too)

Here at The Money Vikings blog we present the many ways to build wealth and live an awesome life through saving, investing, health hacks, etc. A key strategy to financial independence is to find all the many ways to save money on the things we enjoy and would spend money on anyway. Of course there are the big things like cars, housing and healthcare. But there are also the little indulgences that make life a little better each day, for example a coffee. Obviously the ideal would be to cut something out completely if we can, but sometimes a little Starbucks treat, is worth the cost.

Does the cash app boost work at Starbucks?

Yes, it works at Starbucks 10% off as of 1/3/21. In the past there was a 1$ off a cup of coffee boost, but now you just set your boot to 10% off starbucks for the credit.

What is a cash app boost?

A few months back, I realized that using the Cash app with “Boost” might be better than the Starbucks rewards for Gold members. Boost is a program CashApp has rolled out that encourages you to use their physical debit card. (You can put it in ApplePay also which means it works great on my iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3). Once you order the debit card, the money is drawn directly from your Cash app account. There are no hidden fees or gimmicks. I simply move money from my checking account to the CashApp. Next I select the desired boost (in this case Starbucks for coffee) and then use the debit card.

10% off Starbucks Boost

They have had partnerships with Chipolte (10%), Jack in the Box (10%), Taco Bell (10%), and Whole Foods (5%). They also provided “1 dollar off coffee”, and Starbucks certainly qualifies as a coffee shop. In order to get the option for Boosts inside the app, you need to first order a free Debit card from them (which can be done from the app itself). Once the card arrives, activate it and you will start seeing the option to apply and change your Boosts. The reason I prefer to use a Boost over a Cashback reward is that the money is never deducted from your account, and you don’t need to way 30 days (or 1 year in the case of the Costco Card) to get reimbursed.

Here are some of the latest Cash App boosts available for some super saving:

Active Boosts (as of 1/3/21)
  • 10% off any grocery store
  • Shake Shack – 15% off
  • GOAT – 5% off
  • Sams Club – 5%
  • Taco Bell – 10%
  • Chick-fil-A – 10%
  • Playstation Network – 10$
  • XBOX – 10%
  • Starbucks – 10%
  • USPS – 20%
  • Door Dash – 20% off Each Order
  • Cashback, but in Bitcoin
Retired Boosts
  • Ticketmaster – 5% off
  • Dairy Queen – 1$ off each visit
  • GameStop 10% off
  • Whole Foods – 5% off (was 10% now 5%)
  • Wendy’s – 10% off
  • Domino’s – 10% off – removed as of June 2019
  • Chipotle – 10% off – removed as of September 2019
  • Trader Joe’s – 10% off – removed as of June 2019
  • Del Taco – $1 off – removed as of June 2019
  • In-N-Out – $1 off – removed as of Setpember 2019
  • Cinemark 4$ off each visit
  • Wish – 5$ off One Purchase
  • Nike 10% off One Purchase
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – 10% off – back as of October 2019
  • Jack in the Box – 10% off each visit – added back as of October/November 2019
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10%-20% OFF or $1 OFF

How much do you have to spend to get free coffee at Starbucks, and how much is that worth? Every dollar spent at Starbucks is 2 stars, and 125 stars = free reward. So basically you need to spend $62.50 to get 1 free coffee or food item and you also get one on your birthday. 2 cups of coffee or 2 food items are worth whatever you usually order or you could try to max it out to a very expensive drink. For the sake of simplicity let’s just ignore the birthday part and say you spend $4.50 each time. At this point we are saying for every $62.50 you spend, you get $4.50 back in rewards, usable at Starbucks. If you spend more in that period you can add another $4.50 each time you hit $62.50 in the period of a year. Assuming you spend $4.50 a day at Starbucks, that means you’d get a free cup of coffee (worth $4.50) about every 2 weeks.
I really game the system using the CashApp boost now. This is because I buy a regular coffee, get a $1 off, then share with a friend. By the time it is all done, we walk out of Starbucks at 50 cents each!
Using the Cash app you can get a $1 Boost every 2 hours. Depending on the frequency and drink price, you could easily save $7.00/week ($1.00 back for each purchase over $2.00.) You would exceed the Starbucks Reward value on the 6th day! It would take 14 days to reap the same benefit on the Starbucks program. Whether you frequent Starbucks or any other coffee chain, you can save $1 each time. Now that coffee is a health drink and I enjoy Starbucks dividend stock, the little savings and benefits start to add up. I sometimes get a 10% off a Starbucks purchase from my bank, and usually one would have to spend over 10$ to do better than the CashApp. With the CashApp you get the discount immediately and there’s no holding period you have to wait to get your money refunded to you at a future date. It literally just costs less from your perspective. The minimum you can spend to qualify for the $1 Boost is $1.50. Is there anything at Starbucks that cheap? This is why I sometimes share with a friend. Can I use my Cash App credit card to load my starbucks app? Sure – just use your Cash App card like any other card you would add as a payment type into the Starbucks wallet. You may not get the 1$ when you load. I have not tested this. Sometimes I’ll order a venti coffee and ask for an extra cup so I can share with a friend! Another interesting thing is that every once in a while, you can get 5% back at Whole Foods, which is the same as the 5% off you get with the Amazon Prime Credit Card. I don’t know how they do it. Disclaimer: I’m a CashApp user and would benefit financially if you signed up with my referral code: . Note, you also benefit (5$ free for signing up). I also hold a long position in the company that makes CashApp, Square. For other ideas to save money, build wealth and live a life of True Wealth check out the following: 12 Things My 90 Year Old Grandfather Taught Me About Money & Life 8 Ways To Take Your Finances To The Next Level The Investing Trifecta – How I Tripled Net Worth In 8 years

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