The Money Vikings Podcast #24 – Building Financial Resiliency and Rainy Day Funds

On Podcast #24, Jerry & Greg,  discuss bitcoin (BTC), Tesla (TSLA) the how they’re building financial resiliency and trying to best prepare for black swan & outlier events such as job losses, broken A/C, a housing crisis, a stock market crash, or perhaps, maybe … a GLOBAL PANDEMIC? Jerrry puts some extra $$ into VDADX, which is made up of Walmart, Microsoft, P&G, Visa, UHG, J&J, The Home Depot, Disney, Comcast and Pepsi, among others.  They are also shorting Corn Futures, which are having an amazing run. If you have one take away from this podcast, it’s to automate some small amount of money each month to an emergency fund, which will help you weather various storms of 3-6 months.

Charts from the show

Jerry puts his HSA (Health Savings Account) into VDADX, Vanguard Dividend Appreciation, and saves that for a rainy day.
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