The Money Vikings Podcast #29 – I am not a Cat! BTC $1 Trillion, DOGE, Robinhood & Portfolio Management

The Money Vikings
On Podcast #29, Greg, Bob, and Jerry discuss Mars Rovers, BTC Bitcoin, Cathie’s Ark, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev’s cool long hair.ย  Jerry’s son bought 200 dogecoin! We review a long time listener and dedicated fan of The Money Vikings, Tristan. Tristan owns the following stocks in his portfolio: SAVE, GE, ZNGA, MNKD, AMC, SLV, DOGE (crypto), KO, UBER, IRM, AAL, AAPL, LULU, CRM, MSFT, DIS, WMT, PG, VZ.

Charts from the show

Streaming today, Streaming + Park Revenue soon!
aaplCramer says to hold, not trade AAPL. It’s below the 50 ema, but we still agree it is.
Is this for real?
is SLV about to break out?
Copper over 4 dollars is a BIG deal. Why do they call it Dr. Copper?
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