Original Bitcoin Art Auction – Non Fungible Token – ETH NFT

We are experimenting with non-fungible tokens and auctioning off a work of original Money Viking digital artwork. The artwork featured was created by Money Viking Magnus, and features the title “Your Bitcoin or Your Life.” Check out the art work here and let us know if interested in this NFT opportunity. If one owned the NFT, they would be owner of all marketing and future proceeds that derive from use of the artwork. Is this the future of art auctions?

Artist for 20 years

First thing I want to say is that MV Magnus is a legit fantasy illustration artist that has been creating works of fantasy art and children’s book art for over 20 years. This experiment into non-fungible tokens and crypto as a platform for selling the art is new and very exciting way to bring joy, fantasy and adventure to other people.    

Which Platform?

We are going to begin experimenting with various platforms to auction off the art and sell for ETH or BTC or other crypto.

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