Is This Real Art? Is It Real Money? What? The Money Vikings Minted an NFT, How About You?

Check out our next NFT work of art up for auction: Is it real art? Is it real money? Not sure yet! NFT – “Doge Mona Lisa”   Many of our regular listeners and readers may know that we have been in the process of minting our first non-fungible token artwork for auction. And many of you that have enjoyed our Money Vikings cartoons over the years know that MV Greg is an artist. Kid’s books, wine and paint classes, landscapes, fantasy illustrations, cartoons, etc. The guy knows his way around a paintbrush and easel!

Non-fungible what?

For several years we have covered crypto currency investing as part of our regular research and commentary on investing. Jerry started it all years ago when his tech background lead him to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Minting NFT Art Challenges and Process

Connecting the Blockchain Dots

So when we heard about non-fungible token art auctions, we were very much intrigued. Is this the new way of managing copyright and transferring intellectual property? Is this a passing fad? We still do not know, but we do know that we succeeded in minting our first NFT! “Your Bitcoin or Your Life?”

Check it out at:

“NFT Auction – “Your Bitcoin or Your Life?” You may just enjoy checking out this painting. You may be an art collector. Or you could be a creator yourself and you could use the information in our podcast to create and mint your own NFT. Therefore at this point anyone who wants to own this work of art and all future copies and transactions of it simply can bid. I am very excited about this new way of supporting human creativity and ingenuity.

What is an NFT?

Basically an NFT is taking a work of art or creation (music, visual art, writing, poetry, etc.) and “minting” it by attaching a piece of authentic code to it. The authentic code is within the visible public blockchain and forever it is known who owns that creation. Like all creation rights, these can be bought and sold.


We have written and analyzed Ethereum several times, so if interested in what ETH is, check out: Ethereum to $5,000? But basically Ethereum is the crypto currency that powers the Ethereum network. Ethereum is a blockchain that can generate smart contracts and decentralized applications.

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