Get Wasted! Cielo Waste Solutions (CWSFF / CMC)

Quick little TA on a ticker the Money Vikings are invested in. This company is one of the ways we are trying to solve our problem with plastic waste, by recycling plastic in to clean bio-diesel fuel, through a zero emissions process. This company is paying debts off early, something we here at the Money Vikings are fully in support of, so this is especially dear and near to our mission. This truly is one of those “diamond in the rough” stocks. Think about where Tesla, Bitcoin, Apple, and many others were, just a few years ago….well, thats Cielo Waste Solutions. We rate this one as a must add clan. Looking for a hold of at least a couple years. Expect it to break in the the $20 in range, if not higher, in the next couple years. *This is not investment advice to anyone. This is for informational and entertainment purposes only. See a financial fiduciary professional. CWSFF / CMC – Diamond in the ruff! Must add to your portfolio by ReadyFor401k on

2 thoughts on “Get Wasted! Cielo Waste Solutions (CWSFF / CMC)

  1. How did you learn about this one? When did it first come across your radar? Who are their competitors? What is the 50% principal ?

    1. Glad you asked Jerry. One of our readers is a bloodhound, when it comes to discovering OTC stocks that have massive potential and game changers. This has been on the radar for over a month now, with some positive moves being made recently.
      Their aren’t really any competitors that are doing this exact same thing. Since Cielo has classified itself under the Industrials sector, specifically the Waste Management industry, it operates in the same space as companies like Waste Management and such….however, these companies aren’t doing what Cielo is. It appears to be a Blue Ocean opportunity.
      Funny you should ask Jerry, stay tuned for a post on the 50% principal, something I think our readers will get great use from!

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