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Most Americans agree on something: US Infrastructure is in need of repair and upgrades so that the economy can compete against China and others over the next 50 years. Investing in infrastructure provides immediate and lasting value to the country: High paying jobs, greater efficiencies in commerce and a higher standard of living. Of course there is wrangling and politicking in Washington, always has been and always will be, but as each day passes it appears likely that some form of infrastructure investment will pass. Hopefully the sides settle in the middle and move forward with this important investment in our nation.

The Trade

Invest in infrastructure, Jacobs Engineering. Consider purchasing 10 shares for increased infrastructure exposure. Add more over time to Dollar Cost Average in. Alternatively, if you are more bullish and want to take advantage of the low IVR of 3.8% (which means options are cheap) you might also consider  buying the July 16th, 2021 145 strike call for 3.35

Jacobs Engineering

Enter Jacobs Engineering (TICKER: J) I am adding Jacobs Engineering to ride this wave and create some balance in the portfolio. But there is more, Jacobs does well not only when huge infrastructure spending is on the table, they are also quite transformative and can adapt to many engineering needs throughout the country. The stock currently has close to a 90% buy rating.

Excerpt from seeking alpha article on other reasons to consider J:

Jacobs Engineering: Transformative Company With Plenty Of Upside Potential


  • Space race ventures should help out the perfectly positioned Jacobs in winning future contracts.

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance transformation means Jacobs is continually adapting with the times.

  • Potential 2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill could give Jacobs tailwinds for yearsJacobs Engineering Group Inc. (J) has come a long way from the days of its large exposure to the oil and gas sector to becoming a government stalwart in aerospace, defense, and security projects based on ESG principles. Its total addressable market for high value projects continues to grow as it wins new contracts for nuclear and water projects that will transform future cities into more sustainable versions of themselves. An upcoming potential $2T bipartisan infrastructure bill could be the cherry on top for this company already making regular new 52-week highs.


    The bottomline is that Jacobs has the skillsets, connections, business acumen, knowledge and tools to provide superior engineering solutions. I am long Jacobs and will be adding consistently as another form of diversification over the next several years.




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