The Money Vikings Podcast #44 – Trades and Discussions For the Coming Weeks in a Market That Makes No Sense

On Podcast #44, we speak with Brian Reeves of Gator-Traders about trades & tickers we’re watching in the coming weeks.



Gator-Traders have decided to set up this fundraiser to help Andrew Case and Alex, his fiancé, as Andrew has been in the hospital for the past few days with breathing issues due to covid-19. Neither of them are able to work currently as his condition has been making him stay in the ICU and emergency room. Anything will help for their current situation & prayers are needed above all else! God has Andrew in His hands & we just want to be able to provide for any other needs. Thank you!
MPW – Medical properties trust is currently offer a 5.6% yield. Try finding that at your local bank! Be on the lookout for Earnings on 7/29.

NFLX Chart – Could there be a breakout in August? Will Earnings Be the Catalyst that makes it pop higher on 7/20 ?
Netflix Earnings Iron Condor – “IV CRUSH”. Netflix has high IVR – 34.6%. It has earnings on 7/20. Looking to enter a 5 dollar wide Aug 20 iron condor before their earnings 485 / 490 / 600 / 605. It’s slightly bullish. Trying to collect at least 1.66 (⅓ the width of the strikes). How did it do the last earnings? Down, Down, Up)

CWSFF – There are also some huge shareholders out there. It seems like the technology is there to turn trash into renewable diesel. This product is blended with traditional diesel. Is this forming a cup and handle?

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